MB Einerson
Hilliard, Ohio

Bio: Welcome to my Table! Many of you following this blog have been at my table and this site is primarily for you. I'm embarking on this project at the suggestion of my dear daughter who, along with many of her friends, has sat at my table, joined me in my kitchen and given me much happiness over the years. Now that my children have more or less flown the coop, and with many friends dotted around the world, I'm creating this blog to share my recipes with those of you who are close to my heart but far from my kitchen. I will feature recipes that have earned a place in my "Tried & Liked" file, which I've been keeping for over 4 decades. They span from my early days in a farm kitchen in Missouri, where written recipes were scarce (aside from those occasionally gleaned from a 4-H lesson), to cuisines I learned while living in Southern California and traveling around the world. Very few would I consider "original recipes" (are there really any out there these days?), but all have additions and tweaks that make them my own, along with an acknowledgement of the source that inspired me. As spring and summer roll around, most will incorporate what's growing in my garden or coming from my local farmer's market and CSA. So here's hoping you'll enjoy my recipes as I learn how to blog, improve my skills in photography and recreate dishes I've shared with family and friends over the last 40 years at my table.

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